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Current Session

Spring 2014 "The Good Things"

  • think about them
  • remember them
  • share them

The Good Things
  • Join us for some GOOD exercise!
  • Get together with some GOOD friends!
  • Be encouraged and inspired by a GOOD spiritual message

Prioritize your health and wellness.  Join a Body & Soul class!  Check out our variety of programs.  

Body & Soul - where faith and fitenss meet!

Our fitness programs include:
  • Cardio/Strength
  • Power Strength
  • Boot Camp
  • Strength & Flexibility
  • Dance Blast
  • Body & Soul Gold

    To join a class go to “find a class” and see what classes are available near you.

    Check out how to “start a program” if you do not find a class in your area.

Upcoming Events

Please check this link for announcements of events you can attend and products that will be available for you to purchase.


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