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Your Stories

how faith and fitness affect the lives of our participants

I am a dialysis patient. Before I saw your program I was always tired. But since I started your exercising program I have a lot of energy, and I feel so much better.
Eernestine - TX

The TobyMac song "Eye on It" in the Winter 2013 session kept me going as I trained for my first half-marathon-and even ran on Team TobyMac in Nashville! All of the songs of the spring 2013 session also kept me going as I was reminded that without Him, I could do nothing. Through the scripture in the session theme and the songs, I've been able to encourage others at church and in my job with His word. Body and Soul, you are "Unstoppable" with Him!
Anonymous - VA

I am 67 years old and work in Home Care, so I need to stay in shape.  I found it hard to do an exercise program comfortably with eight screws in my hip.  I am so glad that I found the wonderful Body and Soul class that works with my disability!  I now actually look forward to coming to class to work out!
Judy - MI

When we first moved to Northern VA, we had a difficult time finding a church.  We tried many different ones, but couldn't find that "church home."  I had been to Body & Soul when we lived in MD 18 years ago, so decided to try it.  This was where we found the wonderful church we now attend! I had enjoyed the workout, and appreciated the spiritual maturity of the instructor so much that we tried out the church and have been there ever since!  I love the fun exercise in Body and Soul and the wonderful music.  By the end I have had a great workout, but it has gone so quickly and been so enjoyable.  In the spring session, I really appreciated the Kerrie Roberts song, "No Matter What." My Mother, who had always been very strong, was going through a very hard time physically.  That song spoke to me, as nothing else could have.  I really appreciated hearing that during such a difficult time.  One of the neatest part of Body and Soul is the prayer time afterward.  It is so great that we can carry each other's burdens and share each other's joys and remember them all week.  It brings us closer and helps us to remember we are not alone.  Thank you so much for Body & Soul.
Karen - VA 

I returned to Body & Soul a few years ago, mostly for the fitness program.  What I found was a group of caring, nonjudgemental folks, led by a great instructor.  We laughed a lot, prayed for and encouraged one another.  Thanks to my instructor and friends for welcoming me and helping me grow in my walk with Christ (as well as becoming more fit)!
Debbie - VA

We moved from Minnesota to California in March of 1993.  I was invited to a Body and Soul class within a month.  I became an instructor in 1996 and am so grateful for the opportunities Body and Soul has provided me to grow, encourage, be encouraged and challenged.  Through 18 years with this ministry I can honestly say it has been a life line to spiritual, emotional and physical wellness for me personally and to others who have joined me in classes throughout the years.  Thanks to God who spreads the aroma of Christ through Body and Soul classes everywhere - 30 years and beyond!
Julie - MN

My husband and I were new to the area and he had been very ill.  I was looking for a way to get out and exercise when I found Body & Soul at Faith Church in 2007.  I went by myself, without knowing anyone.  The instructor and the people there welcomed me and made me feel accepted into the group.  The past 4 years have been a wonderful journey of physical strengthening and spiritual reinforcement.
- Marilyn, PA

I had pain in my right rotator cuff before I began the exercise class conducted by the two instructors.  Gradually the pain became less until I was free of pain.  In addition, after my left hip replacement, I began attending the exercise class again, but started out seated.  Now I am able to complete all of the exercises standing.  Thank you, Mary Beth and Cheryl!
- Barbara, VA

I started as a student in Body and Soul, then moved into a teaching position two years later.  God has used this ministry to give me confidence in who I am as a person and as a believer.  He gave me the dream of owning my own personal training business, which I would have not have been able to do without Body and Soul.  After a move, I have now come full circle, back as a student in Body and Soul.  Once again, I am being encouraged, loved, and taught about our faithful Lord.  I will always feel at home in whatever class I happen to be in.
- Christine, CA

I have been a part of Body and Soul since it first came to Capital Baptist Church back in 2007. It has become a huge part of my fitness plan as well as my venue to lose weight. The latest session Never Steal My Joy has had the biggest impact on my life, not just from a standpoint of health and fitness, but on my growth in my walk with the Lord. Just before this session began I had been going through a serious trust issue with my former employer. I was really at my wits end until I gave it up to God and allowed His grace to be my crutch through the pains and jolts. I was even uncertain if I was to even be employed after the fact. It was until my last day with this company I finally remembered a song associated with the power strength class called "He reigns" by Newsboys. This really brought me to a point of walking outside the Home Depot I was in that day, so I could confess a number of sins in my life (relating to my very ungrateful heart). I found myself praying that "My Joy would never be taken from me again." That session really had such impact on me that I now found myself downloading almost the entire session's music to play in the car (and to make its way to my IPod for my jogging sessions). Kudos to this ministry it really means a lot to be a part of it.
- Eric, VA

In October I started Body and Soul. I am a person who is not very self motivated when it comes to exercise and my friend told me she found this class that exercised to Christian music. So we went and checked it out and decided to join. In the first six week program I lost 8 inches off my body and after the second six week session I lost 16 inches off my body. I love the class and feel so much stronger and healthier. But most importantly, I feel uplifted spiritually every time I leave class. Thanks Body and soul!
-Mary, OK

During the last session of Body & Soul we heard the song "A Grateful People/Bless the Lord" by Watermark. That song would almost bring tears to my eyes every time it came on, but I couldn't explain why. A few weeks into the session I attended a women's retreat with my church and was inspired by the speaker to just keep praising God. You see, I've been struggling with the fact that our adoption from China is now in the 3rd year of waiting! I asked the Lord to help me with this long wait by pointing me to a verse. So what do you think happened next...? You guessed it! The Lord gave me the following verse: Psalm 103:1 "Bless the LORD, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His holy name!" Here's the best part: I never knew that the words in that Watermark song came straight from this Psalm! God is SO good and I love how He is ministering to me through Body & Soul!
-Heather, VA

Hearing the music in the Fall 2008 Session about missions really moved me to step out for the Lord. Our children's pastor had a vision of starting a missions club for our 10-12 year-olds and many songs of the session challenged me to "step out" of my comfort zone and lead the kids to "shine" for Jesus! I've been sharing the highlighted verses in the devotional with the kids, especially Matthew 5:16. Body and Soul-keep on shining!
-Liz, VA

After the birth of my second child, I became highly convinced that God wanted me to get into my healthy weight range-something I hadn't seen in nearly 20 years. The result was a 50-lbs weight loss and a revolution of my eating habits-eating only when hungry, cutting back on portions, etc. Body & Soul played a pivotal role. The exercise enabled me to strengthen and tone my body. The prayer time opened up to me a group of women who truly understood and shared my convictions about my health. The child care gave me a safe place to bring my children while I exercised-a real key. The music ministered to my soul, which made working out a joy!
-Jane, VA