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Faith and Fitness

More Than Merely Physical

When asked to describe yourself, is your initial reaction typically tied to your outward, physical attributes?
Most of us know inherently that there is far more to “who we are” than our simple external appearances.  Yet all too often, the idea of “fitness” is reduced to the physical realm.  Many fitness programs have focused on the body exclusively, at the expense of the soul.

This is why Body & Soul® Fitness exists.

At Body & Soul, we are excited about exercise.  We love it.  We take it very seriously.  We understand that developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle means taking good care of this “outer shell” we’ve been given.  As a result, our classes and other activities designed to help you get (and stay) in shape, are at the very core of all we do.  We also understand that there is more to life than a great workout.  We are convinced that both the body and the soul play important roles in a truly holistic approach to fitness because there is a tangible connection between the physical and spiritual dimensions of our lives.

We believe that each one of us has been lovingly and carefully created, complete with strengths, gifts and talents, by a personal God.  Regarding our physical existence, this God proclaims that we “are fearfully and wonderfully made; that we are unique and gifted; and that we are not alone.”  But this God has also built a spiritual dimension into our lives, so that we might have the desire and capacity to relate rightly to Him.  The problem is that many of us have not learned to develop this dimension of our lives and thus can miss out on experiencing much of the life we were created to enjoy.

So our promise is to help you with your conditioning in an atmosphere that is both encouraging and safe.  But unlike other exercise regimens, we will not stop there!  

winding roadAs you learn more about Body & Soul, you may discover a train of thought that may be fresh and new to you.  We approach all we do from a Christ follower’s perspective on fitness.  People from a wide variety of spiritual backgrounds are involved in our classes around the world. Whatever your background, we want to invite you to  journey along with us, in the personal pursuit of wellness. And if you have never considered the connection between physical and spiritual fitness, you might find this to be helpful.

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Perhaps you would like to try one of our classes.  We are positive that once you do, you will find an encouraging place in which you can pursue a journey toward holistic fitness that is committed to strengthening both your body and your soul.