4 Quick Tips on Overcoming Stress

STRESS is all around us. It can be caused by our environment, diet, exercise (or lack of) and attitude.

With God’s guidance we are able to control these areas even if it seems impossible. God takes our STRESS and gives us GRACE.

Stress for me looked like:

  • a car accident waiting to happen – wait  – it did happen.
  • a divorce about to take place – no it didn’t happen but we were sooooo close.
  • an enraged bull dog face
  • an empty box of Ho – Hos (if you remember what they were)
  • a husband afraid to come home
  • my kids hiding in their rooms not sure what mood Mom is in

I read in Scripture that I should be able to soar like an eagle – no stress at all. But if I was an eagle I would be tangled in the high wires with feathers going every direction.

But that is not how Scripture describes it or God designed it.

Eagles are mentioned throughout Scripture and each time they are viewed as a magnificent bird with great power, strength, speed and awesome wonder.  Their wings spread out over 90 inches – that is almost 8 FEET!

No wonder they can soar above the storms, at speeds of 30 MPH or even up to 100 mph when they are diving for prey.

The Cycle of STRESS

Stress is a cycle that if never tackled it will be with you forever!

When you notice stress  – immediately say ‘STOP’.

Changing the diet can stop stress. No, not eating chocolate even if stressed spelled backwards is desserts! But eating foods high in B complex, fiber and vegetables.

Stress depletes the stores of B Complex and vitamin C. Now there is no defense for stress and your immune system is in terror fully exposed.

Next – sweet cravings come in like a tsunami – without B and C vitamins your body will go into a wild craving mode for chips or sweets.  This is evidence of no vitamin stores in your body.

Eating those chips or sweets – create a short term hiatus with a long-term depression.

Eat more chips or sweets – short time of bliss – then more stress!

Stress cycle

The only way to stop the cycle of stress is to decide where to get off.

Here are 3 options for getting off the stress cycle:

  1. Change your attitude and altitude.  No one can make you stressed – it is a choice.  If surroundings cannot be changed then change the altitude – let God change your attitude.
  2. Take a high-quality B Complex – make sure it is designed as suggested in the Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual.  This delivers to your cells what they are clamoring for – HELP!
  3. Change the diet – include high fiber (beans, whole grains, legumes, whole – raw fruits and veggies), B vitamin rich foods (whole grains), lots of raw foods, and NO processed foods.
  4. Consider herbs for stress. Ashwagandha and beta-sitosterol.  These are my favorite go to when I have too many ‘must-dos’ on my list for the day. They work quickly with no side effects – except a better ability to cope!

Remember God designed us to recognize stress and then respond accordingly.
When we ignore it  – we pay the price down the road with death and disease.
When we respond and correct it – we come back into balance and life is manageable. ‘Restore to me the joy of my salvation.’.Eagle Isaiah41 10



Read the symptoms of stress in the Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual.   



Annette Reeder, holds a B.S. in Nutrition from Huntington College plus a Diploma of Biblical Studies from Liberty University. She has been studying food, nutrition and medical science for over 30 years.