Our programs

Get ready to crank your health and fitness up a notch (or several) through any one of our programs! Each program is taught by certified fitness professionals who care about you personally and will guide you in safe, effective exercises, perfect for your own fitness level!


Get it all done in one well-balanced workout– great variety of cardio routines combined with strength training, Pilates, and stretching!

Power Strength—

Power-packed strength training with free weights. Get strong and stay strong!

Dance Blast—

Upbeat cardio-dance workout. Challenge your core while grooving to the beat! It’s fun, fun , fun whether you are a dancer or not!


Move forward in developing your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance. Challenge your personal physical limits with varied workouts in every class. LONGEVITY FIT360 is tailored toward students 65+ years young.


A cardio/strength workout that gets you moving and keeps you moving! Designed for beginners or those who need to modify their movements, whether it’s due to injury or certain medical conditions. Can be performed seated or standing.

Strength & Flexibility—

A workout focused on balance, strength, toning, and flexibility. Only need weights and a mat. Perfect for those who want a cardio-free workout.


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