Are you ready to join our search & rescue team?

Yes, that’s what we are this winter! We don’t pilot helicopters and pick up soldiers in battle who need rescuing. We don’t run across the beach clutching a red floating device to help a child who is in danger from a rip tide. Instead, we join together in Body & Soul Fitness classes, personally searching for hope and reaching out to rescue fellow students with words of encouragement! Never lose sight of the power of caring! You can help rescue others with a caring touch.

IMG_2367In class, our “uniform” is fitness wear. We power up the endorphins with our physical fitness workout and lift our spirits with the spiritual message in the music we exercise to. We are “armor-plated,” carrying our shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit!

Even so, we all have those days when we feel like we are drowning –in a pile of to-dos, a pile of laundry or a pile of discouragement. If you are personally in need of rescue-encouragement, you can be assured that you will find it in your Body & Soul fitness class.

The themes in the music of our winter session are:
  • The Search –What are you searching for and why?
  • Faith or Fear? – How will you overcome fear with faith?
  • Step out of the Boat – Are you being called to do something new?
  • Trust Deeper – Are you in a hard place right now?
  • God Rescues – He has answers!

IMG_6444Our winter session verse is Matthew 7:7-8: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” How does this verse apply to you? Do you need to ask for help in some area of your life? Are you seeking and searching for answers? If so, knock—the door will be opened.

My son commands an Air Force squadron, and the men and women under his care leave their families and the comforts of home to go on search & rescue missions on a regular basis. My grandson who is 12 has already attended Junior Lifeguard Camp and has dreams of being a lifeguard on alert to rescue swimmers in need. Your mission is just as important. Wherever you live around the world, whether you are able to attend a Body & Soul class or not– right where you are, you can search for those in need and be a part of the rescue team that brings them back to hope! Ask, seek, knock. Then watch to see God at work!

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