What will you do once the kids head back to school?

Recently a commercial aired featuring Olympic Gold Medalist Simone Biles. The voiceover says, “I could choose to hit snooze. Roll back over, catch a few more winks. I’m at the gym 300 days a year. I could take a day off. But I don’t. I choose to rise to the challenge. But yeah, I could choose to hit snooze.” It ends with these words across the screen “Choose to be Awesome.”

With school starting, the demands on parents increase—with forms to fill out, supplies to purchase, clubs, uniforms and practices for each of the kids, it can be exhausting and you may just be bracing yourself for the onslaught of competing claims on your time. You might find yourself wanting to “roll back over and catch a few more winks.”

And while there will be a lot of demands and challenges ahead, you don’t have to clench your fists, turning into one big ball of tension. You can rise to the challenge like Simone.

You can meet these challenges with ease when you feel encouraged spiritually and strong physically.

Let Body & Soul Fitness help you get there!

With five programs, there’s literally something for everyone: cardio, dance, boot camp, strength training and more! Check out the featured video for a glimpse of what we do!

There are classes all over the U.S. (and around the world for that matter) starting up just when schools are! Click on this link to join a class near you.

“Back-to-school” doesn’t need to be dreaded! Rise to the challenge and “choose to be awesome!”


Tammy Taura filmed the video footage for us! She is an instructor in Northern Virginia who teaches a variety of programs.

Written by Hilda Labrada Gore, Director of Communications, and Mary Ross Ward, Director of Marketing

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