Community Starts Here

Community Starts Here

We are a world-wide community that encourages each other to pursue both physical and spiritual fitness.

Most of us know inherently that there is far more to “who we are” than our simple external appearances.  Yet all too often, the idea of “fitness” is reduced to the physical realm.

Most fitness programs focus on the body exclusively. At Body & Soul, we are convinced that both the body and the soul play important roles in a truly holistic approach to fitness because there is a tangible connection between the physical and spiritual dimensions of our lives.

Body & Soul® is where faith and fitness meet.

Celebrate National Heart Month | Body & Soul FitnessIf you can’t tell, we are excited about exercise.  We love it! Most of all, we love the community that has grown here.  People from a wide variety of spiritual backgrounds are involved in our classes around the world. Whatever your background, we want to invite you to journey along with us, in the personal pursuit of wellness. And this community is here to cheer you on.

If you are not yet involved, perhaps you would like to try one of our classes.  We are positive that once you do, you will find an encouraging place in which you can pursue a journey toward holistic fitness that is committed to strengthening both your body and your soul.

Below you will find other resources that will help you along your journey.