What are your favorite Body & Soul memories?

I love nostalgia. I enjoy thinking back on sweet and joyful times that make me smile. Let’s walk down a Body & Soul memory lane for a few minutes…

macMy husband Roy and I remember when we kept track of each Body & Soul student and instructor by creating their own 3×5 card with their personal information on it—which only included their home address and phone number. There were no cell phones, so no cell phone numbers. There was no such thing as email, so no email address. No facebook, so no facebook messenger! We thought we had taken a BIG step into the future when we got our first Body & Soul computer—a Mac 512 with a 9 inch screen. Do you remember such a world?

AlbumsNan McCullough and I remember the first Body & Soul class. Nan knew I was teaching “aerobics” for the local Recreation Department and she invited me to lead some exercises for the “body” part of “body & soul day”—a lady’s event for our church. It was an instant hit, so we moved the “class” to Nan’s basement and she invited all of her neighbors to join us. We had so much fun dancing to Sandi Patti, Amy Grant, and the Imperials. Do you remember those names from the early years of contemporary Christian music?

Our first international classes were in Nairobi, Kenya—25 years ago! Cortina-OrrCortina Orr was teaching Body & Soul while her husband attended Dallas Seminary, and when they got the call from God to go to Africa, she took Body & Soul with her. We still have classes at Nairobi Baptist Church today!

One more—do you remember when TobyMac and Michael Tait sang together in a group called DC Talk? Now Toby is mentoring young artists including his son Tru and Hollyn (which we will be using in Body & Soul this fall!) Michael is the lead singer of the Newsboys and recently made an appearance in the two God’s Not Dead movies. RetroClassWe have exercised to their music in Body & Soul since their first CDs were out—or maybe that was “albums”—it certainly was way before iTunes! Ah, how the world has changed.

No matter how long you have been a part of Body & Soul, you have probably have both laughed and cried with your fellow class members as you have “done life together” in Body & Soul. There’s something about sweating together that is bonding—am I right? It’s work to stay fit, and the accountability and caring in our classes is truly amazing. But the spiritual encouragement is the very best part. When our physical strength is waning and life’s challenges try to overcome us, the message of God’s hope and Christ’s love for us helps us to carry on. Let’s all determine to stay connected, together experiencing faith & fitness in Body & Soul.

For a bit of retro fun, we want to encourage you to join us at our 35th Anniversary Workshop and Celebration this summer. Please consider this a personal invitation to experience nostalgia with us at our retro workout Thursday evening August 4 at McLean Bible Church in Vienna, VA. Oh, yes, it will be cardio routines and music that we have used through the years! You are also invited to join us at other fitness sessions, and our Friday night Celebration on August 5th followed by a fantastic Concert with one of our Body & Soul artists, Beckah Shae. To register go to: Body & Soul Manager Online

See you there for a walk down a very special memory lane, as well as a vision for the future, as Body & Soul moves on to touch more lives with faith & fitness!

And we would love to hear your memories, too! What is your favorite song that we have exercised to in Body & Soul? Who is your favorite Christian artist of all time? What is the most special memory you have of your class? Leave a comment and tell us about it! We are so glad to have you as part of our Body & Soul family!

Jeannie Blocher is the President and Founder of Body & Soul Fitness

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