“Fearless” by Jasmine Murray

“I wasn’t given the spirit of fear; I was given the power of love. Everything I’ve been fighting against, I’m gonna lift it up. I wanna be fearless! No holding back, no backing down. Fearless! Because I believe; You’re with me now. Bring on the unknown. Lead me and I’ll go. Come set me free. God, I want to be fearless. I won’t be afraid; I’ll call on Your name. I’ll walk out in faith.”

We can experience joy even in the midst of the unknown when we are walking closely with God. Just knowing that he is with us, as the song says, helps us to be fearless. This song is a cry of the heart that we can resonate with -— we want to be fearless, but fear still creeps in. We don’t want to hold back or back down, but we hesitate and we doubt. But, in our hearts we know that we have been given the spirit of love, not the spirit of fear. We want to lift up our fears to the Lord and experience his joy.

So where do we start? This song gives us step one — Look to the Lord and call on his name. Declare “I won’t be afraid.” Believe his promises. God can take you from fearful to fearless one step at a time as you trust him to guide your way. Walk out in faith!

2 Timothy 1:7 “For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power and love and self-control.” ESV

Questions: Do you feel fearful about something right now? What helps you move from fearful to fearless?

Prayer Power: Pray for those you know who are feeling fearful, that they would call on God’s name and become more fearless as they abide in him. Pray for your own needs and call on God to help you be fearless.

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