Flavor of Grace Conference in Maryland

What does it mean to truly be healthy & fit?

There are so many pieces to truly healthful living, but it mostly boils down to what you do and how you fuel your body to do it, in other words – exercise and nutrition.

Here at Body & Soul Fitness, we know how to power up your exercise routine from interval training to dance fitness. We know how to inspire you with music that fills your soul with truth. We know how to get you plugged into a class that becomes your community and your motivation to keep moving.

And when it comes to nutrition, we know just where to send you for great guidance – Annette Reeder and the Flavor of Grace conference.

What is the Flavor of Grace conference?

It combines Biblical Health Teaching with Inspiring Praise and Worship, Entertaining Cooking Classes, and Energizing Body & Soul Workouts.

There is a Flavor of Grace Conference coming up on April 21 – 22 in Mitchellville, Maryland – make sure to catch the Saturday morning Body & Soul workout!

Reserve your seat now. Or Check out her other conferences in Missouri and Texas or you can always get connected through Annette’s Radio show or Online courses.

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