Body & Soul Instructors have access to a wealth of support documents, video and audio tracks.

All these resources are only available to approved instructors:

  • choreography sheets and tips for teaching all Body & Soul programs
  • continuing education course information
  • marketing tools to enhance class growth
  • forms and handouts for students
  • resources for spiritual growth for themselves and for their students
  • access to information about upcoming workshops and special events
  • video and audio tracks for routines and training for those routines
  • management tools to track class registration and connect with your students


Instructors, your resources are found in several places:

  • BSM Manager:  Register for workshops, put your class on a published schedule for all to find and track your class registrations, register for special events at your BSM Manager dashboard. Your login here is one you created. The dashboard shows instructor resources like workshop registrations and the Instructor Zone once you have been approved as an instructor.
  • The Instructor Zone: Located on your BSM Manager dashboard, contains documents presented in a table which is easily sorted by session and grouped by topics making it easy to find what you want. Approved instructors, click HERE to go to your BSM Manager Dashboard.
  • The Instructor Resources web site on our Office365 SharePoint family of sites also holds a combination of documents and audio resources. You will need to be an approved instructor and use a Body and Soul provided username (such as “”) to access the Instructor Resources sites.

If you have any questions about your access to these resources please contact us at