For students

Body & Soul is committed to offering you excellent fitness programming.  Our certified choreographers and trainers stay up to date on the latest exercise techniques that strengthen and challenge the body. In turn, every Body & Soul Instructor is trained to ensure they lead classes with excellence. You will always get a rigorous work out at any Body & Soul class you attend. If the idea of a rigorous work out intimidates you, don’t worry! Each program has levels and modifications for beginners, people who are recovering from injury or those who simply need to exercise at a more basic level.

contact-usAnd each class has something for the inside of you, too. Body & Soul offers spiritual encouragement, even if you don’t consider yourself a particularly spiritual person. Exercises are set to music that focuses on the hope, light, love, and joy that faith brings. A brief prayer or devotional thought, offered at some point in each class, provides emotional support and inspiration. Body & Soul is for your body and your soul.