Host an event

Body & Soul is happy to partner with you in your health and fitness endeavors. There are any number of ways we can do this. If you are in the planning stages of a community health fair, church event, or local gathering that you would like us to participate in, simply click here to connect with a Body & Soul leader to discuss the possibilities. We are eager to get people moving! If you are interested in a demonstration class or fundraising class, see the notes below.

Demonstration Classes

A Body & Soul demonstration class is a great way to introduce our fitness program to your church or community!  The first step is to click here to email the Regional Director responsible for your section of the country. Tell her where you live and what you’re interested in. She will investigate to see if there are any B&S instructors in your area who can respond to your request. If so, she will have them contact you as soon as possible to discuss details for the demo. A demo will usually include the following elements:

  • opening and closing prayer
  • 30-45 minutes of workout
  • brief devotional

However, we are very flexible and can usually tailor the demo to your needs. A class can stand on its own or be part of a broader event (such as a health fair, church picnic, fitness expo, etc.).  It can be limited in scope (offered at one specific time for 30 minutes-1 hour) or intermittent (offered as an option, at the top of every hour, for example, during a day-long event).

Whatever you settle on, we can guarantee that our B&S Instructor will be an enthusiastic exercise leader,  and that every participant will get a good work out.

If your church or community becomes interested in having an ongoing class in your area as a result of the demo, please communicate this to the Instructor and to the Regional Director. We would love to walk with you on this journey of faith and fitness!

Fundraiser Classes

Sometimes a special opportunity arises that motivates an instructor, a class, or a church, to raise funds to meet a local or international need by special offering Body & Soul Fitness classes.  An individual instructor or group of instructors can offer a purpose-focused class or participate in a day-long event, and dedicate the proceeds to that need.

Go to our Contact Us page to talk to a Body & Soul leader near you who will discuss details with you if you would like Body & Soul to participate in a particular fundraiser.

There may be an event happening near you!

Body & Soul sponsors fitness events all across the country. Check here for upcoming community events near you and plan to join us!