Our classes

What can you expect when you first walk into a Body & Soul class?

  1. A rigorous workout  all of our programs are guaranteed to challenge and strengthen you. Instructors will show modifications so that every student can work at their own level. At the same time, instructors will inspire you and push you to do more than you ever thought you could!
  2. Soul enrichment  the “soul” component varies from class to class. Sometimes it is a brief prayer, at other times it is a question or a thought-provoking quote that stimulates discussion. At every class, however, the upbeat contemporary Christian music motivates and uplifts the spirit.
  3. Friendships In contrast to classes at some facilities where you enter the room, work out, and leave, without talking to a single person, in Body & Soul you will form lasting friendships with other students and with the instructor.This personal connection is one of the distinctives of our classes.
  4. No judgment – People of all stages and ages are welcomed in B&S classes. Acceptance is the hallmark of our classes. There are no mirrors in most of our churches/facilities, so you can’t even judge yourself!


Other FAQs:

How long are classes? Usually one hour long. Express classes are 45 minutes long. Some classes are 75 minutes or even 90 minutes long. All class lengths are listed under the specific class in our BSMManager system.

What are sessions?  A session is the group of weeks during which a particular set of programming is taught. Most sessions last 8-12 weeks. (Boot camp sessions are the exception–often lasting 4 weeks.) Every fall, winter, and spring, new fitness programming is released. (In the summer, instructors use “favorites” from previous sessions as the core of the programming.) The new programming is rolled out at instructor training events around the U.S. and the world. A new session is introduced to students, after the instructor has been trained. Session lengths are also noted in the specific class information.

How much do classes cost? Students pay by session when registering. Class tuition is linked to the length of session, length of class, number of times per week it is offered, and other factors. The base cost averages out to $5 or so per class. Scholarships are often available.

What kind of music do you use? We use popular, energetic contemporary Christian music, as played on radio stations like KLOVE and Air1. We use hits by artists like TobyMac, Hollyn, Mandisa, LeCrae, and more.

Are Body & Soul Instructors certified? We require that our instructors get certified with a reputable organization within one year of starting to teach. Our choreographers, Program Directors, and Trainers are certified through ACE, the American Council on Exercise. Instructors receive Continuing Education Training at our Workshops as a gift, to prepare them for each new session.

Can I become an Instructor? Yes! If you love exercise and are a person of faith, please consider doing this! We have Fast Track events and Training workshops to help facilitate the process. Click here for more information on how to become an Instructor.