Can you really GAIN when you GIVE more than you have?

Have you ever been in a circumstance where you knew you should “give” something, but did not have the resources?  Maybe it was a financial commitment, a time commitment, or in this case, the choice to exercise for your health.  As you were faithful to fulfill your commitment, you were amazed to see that God had actually multiplied your resources in ways you could not explain. Maybe it was when you gave of limited time, or limited finances.

Focusing on exercise, as the fall season brings shorter days/longer nights, I am faced with the choice of exercising or hibernating. Honestly, to my body, it feels like it’s midnight when the sky turns pitch black when it’s only 7 p.m. (I personally prefer longer days of sunlight – how about you?) My Body & Soul students laugh with me when I arrive to my 6:30 class feeling like I should be getting ready for bed, rather than starting to teach. (I am assuming that SOMEONE else reading this blog also feels my pain… Yes?)img_3207

So what should we do when we’re tired and energy-depleted? Should we forego exercise? We might think, “How can I spend energy I don’t have?”

I think one of the best ways to increase our energy reserves is to actually MOVE. It’s the concept of GAINING “limitless” energy through GIVING energy (or exercising).

Did you know that as we exercise, our body creates energy? There are studies showing that people who walk more daily steps, end the day with more energy than on days when they walk less.

Exercise gets our blood pumping which improves our circulation as it moves oxygen through the body. The result? We feel revived! We literally get a “second wind.”

Exercise also helps us reduce the effects of stress on our bodies. Stress can ZAP our energy. Our brains tell us not to add one more thing, not even exercise! However, exercise increases our capacity to handle stress, while at the same time improving our sense of well-being. I get to experience this first-hand in my Body & Soul class. If we “JUST DO IT” we can actually INCREASE our energy levels.

10409778_10152198245599912_7116599043377255600_nI had to remind myself of this the other night as Kacee (my dog you met earlier this year J) was asking – no, BEGGING – for her walk! It caused me to do a little self-talk, get up, and take her for a walk, despite how I felt! Of course the fact that Kacee is relentless until we walk, DOES help my motivation level. So if you need extra motivation, you may want to consider getting a dog! Just sayin…

As our B&S pushup song says, “it’s harder than I thought, harder than I thought it’d be.” Yes it is, but it is totally worth it. Once I just do it, I’ll come home from class, or in from a walk, feeling renewed.

I was talking with a very busy friend and ministry leader, last week. She told me that she gets up super early to go for a jog/run because she IS so busy, and EXERCISE is what GIVES her energy to get through the day. She has made the decision to exercise MORE, not LESS in order to have the energy to accomplish what she needs to. This is someone who has pushed through the fatigue of fighting breast cancer.

As I look at how our energy is multiplied, I am also reminded of how this same concept works in our spiritual lives when we dedicate our time to the Lord – to sit with Him, read His word, and pray. We think we don’t have time to do this, but we can actually get MORE done on days that we spend with Him, than on days when we think we just don’t have enough time. God actually multiplies our time.

I encourage you to take action on either of the above—the spiritual or the physical. I’m sure you will be amazed by what you gain when you give!

email TeriTeri Moscatelli is the Director of Operations for Body & Soul Fitness, as well as Northeast Regional Director, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and ACE Faculty.  She is the wife to Steve, mom to three lovely daughters, two sons-in-laws, and her dog Kacee.


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  1. Teri I feel exactly the same before my Tuesday night class.. I have usually been up since 430 am and feel tired- I look at my students who have also made an effort to come and off we go!! When we are done we all think “sure am glad I did that!!” Thanks for your encouragement ❤️

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