Getting Back on Track

So, you say you want to get back on track with your eating. So, you say you want to start exercising again. As the summer is winding down and school approaching, there is a ton to do. If the summer schedule has your exercise routine and healthy eating choices out of whack, welcome to the club.

Give yourself grace.

First thing, stop and give yourself some grace. Schedule change can sometimes have a negative effect on our bodies and spirits. Stressing over it is not healthy.

Evaluate your situation.

What also helps me is to evaluate. Take a good look and see where you maintained well and see where you need improvement. For example, this summer I have continued to keep to my 4-5 times a week of cardio, but have been lacking in my 2-3 times a week of strength training. Also, look back and see what life brought your way this summer. Did you have a traumatic experience? Lose a family member? Maybe welcomed a sweet new addition? I recently had my mom help me with some practical evaluation regarding my weight loss. She said, “Meg, honey you stopped nursing, so I know that has affected your calorie expenditure.” Hello! I was still eating as if I was nursing my baby 2-4 times a day. She also reminded me that it takes at least twelve months for your body to even come close to where it was pre-pregnancy. I felt better about my softness.

Make healthy choices.

If you are a new mom or just feeling defeated by your “mom” body, there will be time. There will be time to get those muscles back, if you want. There will be time to choose the exercise that you want. For now, make healthy food choices, fit in time to exercise when you can, and enjoy being a mom. Society is a liar and has zero logic for what is expected of young women. So you say you want a fresh start? It’s never too late and something is better than nothing. Now stop just saying it and put those words into action. So I say … let’s go!

More Encouragement:

Megan Keefe has been teaching or attending Body and Soul classes since she was 18. She is very active in her home church, promoting Body and Soul as well as First Place 4 Health. Megan was a 4th grade teacher for twelve years before being home full time with her daughters. She and Philip have been married for seven years and reside in Charleston, South Carolina.

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