“Go”…My First Body & Soul Workshop

Y’ALL….I am home from my VERY FIRST workshop…DaniCombs1

And I am just OVERWHELMED with SO many things…

And most importantly…
The Holy Spirit!!

That feeling you get when you finally figure out what God is calling you to do.

When you realize you are about to make that big leap to follow His lead.

When you suddenly see how a whole bunch of things that happened the past few weeks, months, year all make COMPLETE SENSE.

Y’all….there ain’t nothin like it!

I am so filled with the Spirit and joy and excitement and nervousness after my Body & Soul workshop this weekend.

My 4 year old learned this phrase in Sunday school: “Listen and obey.”

It’s become a new favorite catchphrase around here.

I gotta tell ya…

When we shut our mouths, our thoughts, our pride, and our self-doubt up…

and we stand up against the enemy…

and open up our ears to really HEAR when God is telling us “GO”…

And then we actually DO the thing…

It’s crazy awesome.


God CAN use you…and He WILL use you.

We just gotta listen.

And we definitely gotta obey.

Those are my new peeps right there y’all.

Image may contain: 15 people , people smiling
I am beyond blessed to be a part of this tremendous ministry.

And I can NOT WAIT to get started this Fall!!!

Dani Combs | Boot Camp Instructor | Woodbridge, Virginia

Do you feel God calling you?  Join our team of instructors.  Go to www.bodyandsoul.org and click on start a class or become an instructor, and join us at the December workshop.

Group photo taken by Dayna Wergedal.  www.daynastudios.com

3 Comments on ““Go”…My First Body & Soul Workshop”

  1. You rock Dani! Can’t wait to see where God leads you….starting with an awesome Boot Camp class. Blessings to you! Jana

  2. Dani I feel that exact same way!!! You just put my feelings into words!! Praying Gods Blessings on you!!! -Hannah Williams

  3. Girl! I feel ya! All of that – YES! Thanks for sharing your experience and welcome to Body & Soul. It IS a tremendously awesome ministry! Blessings to you as you start this new journey! Love, your fellow body and soul instructor ?

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