Can the right shoe change your life?

UntitledJust like Disney’s Cinderella, we want to succeed in this world and perhaps live a life worth remembering. Whether or not we end up living the fairytale or having any of this life documented on DVD like a Disney princess, I think we all might agree that our choices help (or hinder) the direction in which we travel through this world.

For Cinderella, her life changed when her perfectly fitted shoe identified her as “the one” and propelled her into the arms of her Prince Charming where she lived happily ever after. For me, part of a fairytale life includes fitness, balance, and long-term wellness, and therefore I’m searching for my perfectly fitted shoe as well! And if your fairytale includes striving toward an active lifestyle, I ask you to consider: can the right shoe change your life? If the answer is yes (and I believe it is when it comes to fitness) then shopping for shoes is an important task that deserves our full attention.

Try these 5 shoe-shopping tips on for size:
1. Visit a specialty store for the most knowledgeable guidance in your search.
2. Buy shoes that are specific for your sport – no multitasking!
3. Shop later in the day (because even a princess’ feet swell during her daily chores) and take your socks and orthotics with you.
4. No break-in period! Shoes should feel snug and comfortable from the start – with wiggle-room for your toes.
5. Know your foot type: NEUTRAL, PRONATOR, SUPINATOR

Foot chart

Alright folks, whether you are choosing shoes for your Body & Soul fitness class, your personal workout at the gym, or your power walk with the dog, make sure you do your homework and get the right shoe for YOU. Because Cinderella could be on to something and the right shoe just might change your life! And since shoes are not meant for multitasking, you may find your collection to be fit for a princess…


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