I Am Grateful for the Gift of Body & Soul

God put Body & Soul Fitness into my life just over 4 years ago. I say it that way rather than that I found the class because I know it was a gift.

Four years ago, I was a mother who had not been coping well since the birth of my son two years before. I had also just become a Stephen Minister. Stephen Ministers provide one-on-one confidential care by walking alongside people experiencing difficult circumstances. Body & Soul came into my life at just the right time to provide healing for me, so I was better able to minister to others. The classes continue to serve this purpose in my life. I often try to explain to others its importance to me by saying that if you lined up all the facets of my life that God has called me to – wife, mother, daughter, sister, employee, His witness to everyone I meet – you would then have to put Body and Soul at the end of that line. I would then be able to say, “Do you see all these things that I have to do? Well, this ministry here at the end is one of the things that helps me do all of them better!”

What specifically about the class helps me to do this? Obviously, the workout is wonderful. They are fun and challenging (love me some dynamic core!), and I like how the sessions change to continue to challenge our brains and muscles. Let me just say, I’m being serious about the brain challenge! I noticed within the first few weeks of starting the classes that having to learn the new routines kept my mind engaged, and I found my thinking was clearer all around. It used to take me a few classes to pick up the new routines, but I find now it only takes one or two. I am also grateful for the community experienced in the classes and the opportunity to pray for one another’s concerns as well as rejoice in one another’s praises. We laugh together.

Yet, probably the thing I love most is the music. The lyrics of the songs are encouraging, motivating and healing and let me work through issues and stressful things while moving. The great workout equips me with the physical strength to do what God calls me to do, while the reminders of his great love and power in the words of the songs let me know I do not have to do anything alone.

Just as it did four years ago, Body & Soul continues to help heal, restore and strengthen me both physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am grateful every day for this gift.

Suzanne Leffler attends Body & Soul classes in Williamsburg, VA where she lives with her husband Matt and 7 year old son, Noah. She is hoping that one day she can attend a Body & Soul class that regularly has more than one dynamic core routine!

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  1. Beautiful story, Suzanne. I agree with all you said! What a gift! I’m also very grateful for this class, all of our instructors and their faithfulness …and the music and words… all our classmates. And our brains keep getting better too!!??

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