“I could barely get through the routine…”

Today we are excited to share a testimony from a former student now current instructor. Thank you Esther Quinn-Fairall for sharing your wellness/fitness journey with us.

“I started with Body n Soul as a student about 3 years ago, very over weight and out of shape, and I was 40 years old… one of my favorite routines then, and still now is Turbo Style. When I started, I could barely get through the routine at low impact, a couple sessions later, I could do it at high impact, and not long after that, had to drop back down to low impact due to injuries. That was hard for me because I had found this new love of working out I didn’t realize I’d miss, until I feared losing it!

Fast forward to the present, I’m finishing out my second session as a cardio instructor with this amazing ministry, and I get the privilege of teaching along side some of my dearest friends, helping other women who think this type of lifestyle is out of their reach because of weight or limitations. A year ago I completely changed my lifestyle to a clean, healthy eating, extremely active one, I’m down 30lbs, and more inches than I can count, and I feel fantastic!!

Today ladies, I did Turbo Style again for the first time in over a year and a half, and did the whole routine at full, high impact level!!! Really?!!!! It brought me to tears, so much so, that I had to step out to the restroom for a minute to collect myself before we did Warrior lol. It was a full circle moment for me, and all praise goes to God, because He’s sustained me through one of the most challenging endeavors I’ve embarked on recently, and that’s overcoming food addiction and my very unhealthy relationship with food!! I’m a 43 year old women who is in better shape now than I have been since I was 17!! I love this ministry, I love what it stands for, WHO it stands for, and that I get to be just a small part of the greater whole that is Body & Soul Fitness!! Thank you for letting me share this with you all, and for all of you that selflessly pour yourselves into this ministry! I was, and still am someone who has been greatly effected by all the great things that happen when women come together with a unified purpose of serving the most awesome God that we all do! Be blessed my sisters

Does Esther’s story inspire you? You too can become an instructor or student today! Check out www.bodyandsoul.org.

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