I Want To Know God’s Word

I was humbled yesterday when I heard the words: “What excuse are you going to give God when He gives an account at the end of your life?”

You see, I always hang on my discipline to get moving nearly everyday, with my hashtag of #noexcuses and I find pride there. I have changed my physical health tremendously, and that is a GOOD THING. But moving more and changing what I eat isn’t what I was humbled about.

We don’t live by bread alone. I find so much purpose in physical activity, in training, but I need to recognize that this body I’m spending so much effort on, is a gift, and that my soul, my mind, my heart cannot live on just the “bread” I’m offering!!

I want to be a woman of the book, I want to know God’s word so that my actions reflect it. I want to be an example for my boys, for their health, but also for their hearts. Because at the end of our lives, whether it’s far away because you’re so fit and healthy, or it’s sooner because you’re not, we are held responsible for whether or not we know God. And I want to KNOW HIM. #verseoftheday

I’m Jo Donnigan – a mom, a wife and a Body & Soul Fitness Instructor.  I teach fit360: Boot Camp at Calvary Baptist and Atonement Lutheran in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Join us!  To register for a class go to www.bodyandsoul.org.

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