Can Jesus Have a Body That’s Out of Shape?

It sounds sacrilegious, I know, but bear with me. I’m not suggesting that Jesus was a couch potato, or a slacker when it comes to exercise. In Biblical times, movement was a part of everyone’s lifestyle. There was no Uber or Lyft to get from point A to point B; you basically had to rely on your own two feet. And there were no “desk” jobs that I know of. The work week required…well, work—real physical labor. Jesus was a carpenter. And, yes, carpenters worked with wood, but also with stone, iron, and copper. There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus was strong and skilled enough to shape materials into products with purpose. So, no, I’m not saying Jesus was out of shape.

When I’m asking about Jesus’ body, I’m talking about us! You see, the Bible makes it clear that Jesus is the head of the body and we, His followers, make up the body itself. So I’m posing the question: what kind of shape are we in? Are we ready to use the tools at our disposal for what is needed? How is our energy level? Are we up for making a meal for a sick neighbor, running an errand for a new mom? Are we strong enough to keep up with our kids (or grandkids)?friends

All of the above are important questions, but perhaps the most important one is this: does your faith make a difference in how you approach fitness? Does your shape reflect your faith? Body & Soul’s tagline is “where faith and fitness meet.” But is this true for you? Does your faith intersect with how you care for your body or vice versa? This article that came out recently in U.S. News & World report talks about this very subject. Check it out here: “Finding fitness through faith.” And comment below on how/why/if your faith motivates you to move!


Hilda Labrada Gore is the DC Metro Regional Director and Director of Communications for Body & Soul.


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