Jesus rose from the dead and you, you can’t even get out of bed!

Do you ever feel like that? The above are lyrics from an old contemporary Christian song called “Asleep in the light.” Ironically, when I first heard this song I was in bed, napping! I was a leader at a teen camp and I was wiped out. When I heard that line, I bolted out of bed as if it had caught fire. I was convicted and embarrassed by the truth in the song lyric. But the artist wasn’t singing about physical exhaustion, actually. He was singing about the lack of power in the Christian life.

Have you ever wondered where the power went? Have you felt like you were running on fumes? I don’t mean times when you were physically wiped out because of all of the demands on your life (though, Lord knows, this happens)! I’m talking about feeling like you are missing a connection with God—that you are somehow not “tapped in,” as if some spiritual spark plug were misfiring. I have been there and felt that.  When I feel this way, there are two steps that I take. I’m hoping these two steps can encourage you, too.

1. I persevere. The Bible says that we walk by faith and not by sight. This means that we don’t always see results or feel “warm fuzzies.” But by faith, we keep taking steps to do what nurtures our faith and encourages our spirits. For me, this means, I keep praying, reading the Bible, loving my family, attending church, and, yes, going to Body & Soul exercise classes! I don’t stop just because I don’t particularly feel like doing these things or because I’m not seeing the results I want. No, I keep going, out of obedience and discipline.
pexels-photo-27633-medium2. I pray and I ask others to do so, on my behalf. In Exodus 17, the Bible tells us that Moses supported his armies by keeping his arms raised high. They did well when his arms were lifted up, but they flagged when he dropped them. Of course Moses got tired after a while. When that happened, Aaron and Hur boosted him and held his arms up high. Aaron was on one side; Hur, on the other. They were totally there for him, literally supporting him. When I get tired, I rely on the Spirit to sustain me and on my friends and family around me to help me keep on keeping on. What I’ve learned is that when I am spent, it is not the time to go into hermit mode or try to go it alone. I need support on many levels, more than ever.

Just in case you are the one feeling spent or discouraged, spiritually or even physically, just now, I leave you with my paraphrase of a portion of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, chapter 1. (I departed from the text a bit on the last line.)

I hope you can see clearly that God has called you not to a life of despair and discouragement but to a life of hope, filled with good things beyond your wildest imaginations. And when things don’t seem so good, I trust you’ll remember that He has given you His power—yes, that supersonic, amazing, death-shattering power that rose Jesus from the dead. If he can do that, he most certainly can get you up out of bed!

Did you catch all that? Not only can God’s power get us up out of bed, it gives us hope and a reason for doing so! I am praying for us all of us to persevere when we become weary, spiritually or physically. But, most importantly, I’m praying that God’s power and hope permeate our lives in new and strengthening ways this Easter season!




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