Lifer – Mercy Me

“It’s hardwired, living inside of me. No matter where I go, I know You’re gonna be with me. I just can’t seem to shake You. Even if I could, yeah, I would not change a thing, yeah. If it’s pushing You away, yeah, or running to You, You still love me the same, yeah. Hallelujah! And as long as my heart is beating and my lungs are breathing, I’ll keep on singing for You. Even right to the moment when you call me home, yeah, I’ll still be singing for You, ‘cause that’s what lifers do.”

What are you a “lifer” for? Will you cheer for your college team “for life?” Are you friends “for life” with some special people? Will you eat chocolate “for life?” All those things are fine, (especially if it is dark chocolate that has more nutrition per bite, haha!) but these are not the most important lifer choices.

What this song is talking about is being a “lifer” who trusts in God no matter what, through highs and lows, pain and joy—until the day that the Lord returns and takes us to be home with him eternally. When you are a “lifer for God” your life is filled with powerful moments of reading his Word—his love letter to you, praying—talking with him as a friend and daddy, and singing praise to him in worship. If you need to ramp up these “lifer for God” habits, now is the time! Let’s be lifers for the Lord as we wait patiently for the best that is yet to come when we will be with him! Press on as God calls you heavenward!

Philippians 3:14  “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

Questions: What does it mean to you to be a “lifer for God”?   What are you a “lifer” for?

Prayer Power:  Dear Lord, I commit to being a dedicated “lifer” or you. Help me to trust in you every moment. Help me to hope in your promises. Help me to be strong as I walk through this life by your side. I’m a lifer for You, God. Amen.


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