How are you going to Live Life BIG—or even just one step bigger, this fall?

When you see the title of the fall fitness session of Body & Soul what do you think? Are you excited to dream about how you can live life bigger, have more impact, and make a difference? Or…are you exhausted trying to manage the size of your life as it is right now, not wanting anything bigger to challenge you?

Personally I can relate to both of these responses. This summer as I have been working with our Body & Soul teams to create the choreography,  and plan this session for you, I have been juggling some BIG things—this new website for example. I am no techie wiz,  but I value the BIG impact that can come from reaching out to YOU and your friends through the internet. So—I needed to step out in faith to do my part to live life BIG—website wise. I am a writer,  but I have never before written a “blog post,” so, here I am trying “the next big thing” for me—blogging.  I am thanking God for a great web development team that is designing the site and giving me blog tips. Whew! One thing I’ve learned is that a BIG life is a life of teamwork and a life of trusting others and trusting God. Actually that is a BIG thing that I have been learning my whole life—this is just the next step!

So what about you? Whether you feel like person #1 or person #2 above—(or like me—a little bit of both) I truly believe that the music and message of this session will encourage your heart and guide you in your thinking and in your prayer life.

Start now to think about the 5 themes of the session:

  • Living Life BIG means something different for each of us. What is the next BIG thing in your life? How are you going to approach it?
  • Slow Down— sometimes living life BIG means paring down some things in your life to make room for “the best” instead of settling for “the good.” Seriously–how can we have a bigger life when we are stressed out? Let’s learn to lessen the stress and make room for a BIGGER life!
  • Love, Serve and Give— this is the recipe for a BIG life— when you focus on others and not on yourself you can make a positive difference in your world. That’s when life really becomes BIGGER!
  • The Source of a BIG life—that’s where the “soul” part of Body & Soul comes into play. God is the source. He is the only reason we can do any of the BIG things we want to do, and he is the reason we can stop doing the things we don’t want to do.
  • The secret to a BIG life –  Well, it’s a secret I want to share, not a secret I want to keep. I wrote about it in the session booklet “Encouragement and Wisdom for the journey.” Check it out!   (make this a link to the devo—should we link it to the page on theme 5 or directly to the gospel in the back of it? ).

So, new blog friends (am I allowed to say that?) —how am I doing on my first ever blog post? Did something I say hit home? Do these topics matter to you?  What would you like to tell me? I’m listening!

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