A Gift for You!

Don’t you just love to get gifts?

Whether they are big or small, they come as expressions of love and caring, in conjunction with celebrations like birthdays and Christmas, or for no reason at all. (That’s a special serendipity!) Sometimes the gift is a bouquet of flowers—and flowers come dressed for all seasons—mums are the flowers of fall, and, oh, aren’t they beautiful right now, like bursts of multi-color fun just waiting to go home with you and brighten your doorstep or table.

Most gifts are wrapped in fancy paper, topped with bows of various colors, or placed in a gift bag. One of the most special gifts I have ever received was a group of personalized gift-coupons, written on the back of pieces of brightly colored Christmas wrapping paper and stapled into a little booklet of memories that I treasure to this day. On each page, written in a child’s precious handwriting, were gifts that touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Promises of hugs, kisses, and cuddling while watching a movie got top marks in the “love” category. A close second were gifts of service—items like “taking out the trash without being asked,” reading a book to my little brother, and “one free bathroom cleaning” (I like that one!) This is a gift I will cherish forever, and it is a constant reminder that a BIG life is a life of loving, giving and serving others.

The gift in this message is similar to that little coupon booklet. It is also a written gift, a booklet full of treasures. It is a gift of encouragement and wisdom for your journey. In fact that is what it is called.

Click on the cover below to read the devotional online:


Included in this devotional you will find theme messages to look for in the music you exercise to in Body & Soul classes, verses from Scripture that will lift your heart, words of encouragement, and references to resource books that you can check out for more information–all packed into bite-sized nuggets of information.

Traditionally, Body & Soul students have received this in booklet form when arriving at class each session, but now with our new website we can easily offer this gift to you whether you are attending class this session or not.

Check it out. It is a gift for you. Enjoy!

Jeannie Blocher is President and Founder of Body & Soul Fitness.

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