Meet Beckah Shae and find out how she found true love

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Beckah-0598 copyFor nearly 10 years, Beckah Shae has been singing bouncy, uplifting and motivating Christian songs. She has made top 10 Billboard Christian CHR radio singles, one of which was even nominated for a Dove award. From “Champion” which was a kick-boxing song a couple of sessions ago, to “I’ll be all right” which is part of our current “Shine On” session., every song is motivating and upbeat.

You would never know it from Beckah’s music, but she was not always in this place of joy and encouragement.  Maybe she knows how to lift others up so well because she has been uplifted herself. Her life story is one of movement from discouragement to joy, and from depression to peace.

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In this brief and candid fifteen-minute interview you will be moved by her story of transformation. You’ll hear about:

–       her troubled childhood (mother married and divorced three times)

–       homelessness and times of hunger

–       her stint in Las Vegas as the singer in a cover band

–       how faith in God sustained her

–       how she ended up in Nashville

–       her unique relationship with her friend, turned husband

–       her weaknesses and joys today

Beckah has a beautiful story and the voice to tell it, whether in song or the spoken word. Once you’ve listened, you may want to hear more. If so, plan on coming out to her concert on Friday, August 5th at McLean Bible in Vienna, Virginia. The concert will be held in conjunction with Body & Soul’s 35thanniversary celebration weekend. You won’t want to miss it!



Update:  Beckah and her husband Jack, just gave birth to their third daughter, Hope, who joins sisters Joy and Grace.  Congratulations and we can’t wait to meet you all in August!



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Written by Hilda Gore, Director of Communications for Body & Soul.

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