“My Feet Are on the Rock” by I Am They

“When I feel my hope about the break I will cling to Your unchanging grace. Let the waters come and the earth give way. My feet are on the Rock. I can see the morning light. I can feel the joy on the horizon. Here my faith is found. I stand on solid ground. On Christ, the solid rock, I stand. All other ground is sinking sand. So stomp your feet and clap your hands; our feet are on the Rock.”

Are you standing on solid rock or sinking sand? There are times in life when we feel strong, rock-solid, like we are king of the mountain standing on our own personal rock. But most of the time that feeling does not last for long—do you agree? The sinking sand of life can swallow up our personal “rock-stand” quickly as circumstances change. The things we’ve accomplished or accumulated start to slip away. So, what really is solid and unchanging in this world? Who gives hope and shows us unchanging grace? Jesus Christ. He alone is the solid rock we should be standing on. All other ground is sinking sand. He will stand firm amidst the storms and challenges of this life. He will hold us close in the midst of changing circumstances, changing health, changing finances and changing relationships. He never changes. Let’s keep our feet on the rock of Jesus. It is there that we can stomp our feet, clap our hands and have hope!

Psalm 71:3 “Be my rock of refuge, to which I will always go; give the command to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress.”

Questions: What rock are you currently standing on? Have you experienced any “sinking sand” recently? Will you take the step of faith to call on Jesus to be your solid rock?

Prayer Power: Dear Lord, you are my rock and my refuge. Help me to always stand firm in your protection and guidance. Keep me from the sinking sand of life. Amen.

Jeannie Blocher is the President Emeritus and Director of Spiritual Impact of Body & Soul Fitness. She and her husband Roy founded Body & Soul in 1981, and now Jeannie serves in a volunteer capacity. She is an author and speaker, who treasures first her role as wife, mother of three and grandmother of eight. She wrote the First Place 4 Health Bible Study “Make Every Day Your Best Day” and the book “Encouragement for the Body & the Soul.” She enjoys speaking on behalf of Body & Soul, sharing the message of faith & fitness.

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