What New Beginnings Are Happening For You?

I love springtime! New life springs up from the earth. Rains come and the earth turns green.

As a new thing this Spring, my husband and I have started exploring our local Farmer’s Market. Each Saturday we get up and head to 19th street near the oceanfront in Virgina Beach to talk with all the local farmers who bring their best goods to sell. We take our insulated bags and buy amazing organic vegetables, delicious hummus, and pasture-raised eggs—and we are, of course, invited to the farm to meet the animals (We’re thinking about doing that when the grandchildren visit this summer.)

As an added bonus, last week there was a new vendor— J.R’s Micro Greens, as the business card says “organically packed full of vitamins and minerals; grown and harvested locally.” Now, micro greens are new for me this year. Previously, I’ve bought them in the grocery store, and they have been a fantastic, power-packed addition to any salad or dish. In case you have not heard of this new way of eating vegetables— they are small sprouted seedlings carrying all the superior nutrition of the plant in a tiny package. I can’t wait to serve them to the grandkids when they visit. They will eat a small amount of salad (not a big plateful like me) and micro greens are perfect. In fact, they are so cute (the greens) that I think the kids will be excited to eat this new food!

So what’s new for you this spring?

It’s the time of graduations, weddings, and recitals, and we all know that these are not endings, they are beginnings!

Graduates are looking forward to the next season of life, seeking just the right job—and probably chilling out a little before jumping in. If you have a new graduate in the family, I encourage you to be there for them showing love in action as they walk through this time of transition.

photo by Anne Edgar Photography Weddings—for each couple it’s a new beginning with the love of their life, setting up a new place to live, dreaming of a joyful future together, and figuring out how to do married life here and now, loving one another deeply from the heart. (1 Peter 1:22) If you are anticipating a family wedding, amidst the planning, stop and think how you will put your love into action to support the new couple.

And if your kids are the ones on stage at recitals, you can show them love by being there to cheer them on, bring flowers or just give a hug—and then help them transition to summer where they may want to continue to practice their instrument or do something new like attend a concert or ballet to keep their interest focused on the arts.

Be creative as you seek to show love in action in all these new things this spring. And don’t forget to eat your micro greens and stay healthy in the process!

Jeannie Blocher is the Founder and President Emeritus of Body & Soul Fitness. She is an ACE certified fitness professional and faculty member, and currently serves as the Director of Spiritual Impact for Body & Soul. She is the author of Make Today Your Best Day Ever and Encouragement for the Body and the Soul, and speaks to women’s groups inspiring them to grow in faith & fitness.

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