40 Days of Art & Literature: A Prayer Journal


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A Prayer Journal by Rebecca Gilbert & Stephanie DiMaria

This devotional is a guided journal full of exercises to encourage creative prayer. Quotes from literature give new ideas to dwell on, poetry provides imagery to ponder and imitate, prayer drawing exercises inspire prayer even when you’re out of words, and scripture passages find new life through the meditative process of Lectio Divina. These four different kinds of prayer exercises are meant to help you speak to, and hear from God. There are 40 days of prayer exercises in the book, so it nicely fits into Lent, or you can use the journal anytime at a more leisurely pace.

What is each type of exercise like?

Lectio Divina is a prayer practice with a long history of use within the church. It is a technique of praying through a scripture passage and meditating on words or phrases within it.

For the Literature exercises, the passage of literature quoted is meant to focus your mind and, consequentially, your prayers, on a topic.

In the Poetry exercises you’ll find that well-structured words full of images can help you slow down and meditate on their meaning and also inspire your own creative expressions.

Prayer drawing is a way of meditating on a subject, doodling and drawing to focus you on a subject when you don’t know what to say. Each exercise will get you started, with an accompanying example to get you started.

We hope you enjoy connecting with God in new ways,

Rebecca & Stephanie


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