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Like most high school students, getting up while it’s still dark outside was not one of my favorite things, but if you’re on a team or a member of a club you sometimes had to get to school really, really early to catch the traveling activity bus. This was often my reality as a high school band member. My parents would drag me out of bed way before the sun came up so I could brush my teeth (half asleep), grab a granola bar, and throw my duffel bag in the car for the weekend trip to a national marching band competition several states away. I didn’t love the early wake-up call, but I did love my traveling competition experiences I had as a high school color guard team member. But what stands out in my mind today, is that it was my parents’ love for me that made these experiences possible. They likely didn’t love marching band, but they loved me and this showed in their willingness to be up and driving through our little town at 4 o’clock in the morning.

Body & Soul’s spring session will focus on the theme “Love in Action”. In our group fitness classes we will dig into scripture verses like 1 John 3:18 which says “let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” My parents often told me that they loved me, and they continue to do that today, but they also loved me and continue to love me with their actions. I don’t have to wonder if I am loved, because I experience it. It’s one thing to hear something, but it’s something else to see it. Do you “see” what I’m saying? It’s one thing to hear that you are loved, but it’s something else to actually see and feel that you are loved. My parents’ actions demonstrated their love for me, and in this world that often feels busy and cold, where we may feel disconnected, alone, and unloved, “love in action” could make a huge difference. Let’s look for opportunities to love one another starting today. John 13:34-35 tells us to love one another, and that loving others will identify who we are. I want to be known as someone who loves others, don’t you?

Just last weekend Body & Soul instructors in the northeast region put love into action when we made 300 sandwiches for the Central Union Mission in Washington, DC. It only took a few minutes for each of us to make 4 sandwiches, yet this small project created a ripple effect of love as we came together to serve others and demonstrate Christ’s love. As individuals, we found joy in serving as part of a group, yet the real joy came from knowing that God used our act of love to feed people in our city who might be feeling disconnected and unloved. Who can you show love to today? Join us in a Body & Soul class this spring and put love into action to make a difference in the world.***

Amy Stafford is the President of Body & Soul Fitness. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, ACE (American Council on Exercise) Faculty member, wife of Steven, and mom to Jordan.

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