“Sound of a Life Changing” by Matthew West

“Can you hear the sound of a life changing, the sound of a dream that’s waking up inside? Can you hear the song of a new beginning? Amazing grace, how sweet the sound of a life changing…could this be your defining moment, the moment you decide to cross that line and leave the past behind?”

Is there something changing in your life, and you are doing your best to keep up with it, wrap your head around it, and deal with it? Let me encourage you to surrender to it, let it go and allow God to be in control of it. When you do, the sound of your life changing will be the sweet sound of God’s grace at work, molding and shaping you into his image. Do you have a dream that is waking up inside, a change has not yet happened, but you want it to? What about letting God transform your striving for it into his grace-filled guidance? Take one step at a time toward your dream, with your hand in God’s. Maybe you are in need of a spiritual transformation.

Will you pray and take the step to say “I believe,” accepting Jesus as your Savior and Lord? Your life can be transformed from fear to faith and worry to trust as your life changes from being lost to being “found” by Jesus. This spiritual transformation will give you hope and a peace that passes understanding. I hear the sound of a life changing, the sweet sound of God’s amazing grace at work in your life!

Ephesians 2:8 “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God.”

Questions: Are you in the middle of a life-change right now? Do you have a dream that is waking up inside of you today? Are you in need of a spiritual transformation? Will you allow God’s amazing grace to guide you through the changes that are coming in your life?

Prayer Power: Dear Lord, help me to seek you, listen to you and trust you as my life is changing. Thank you for your sweet, amazing grace that is ever-present, giving me peace and hope. Amen.

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