Spring Up by Tim Timmons

“What if this river in me is stronger when I’m weak? What if it’s true? What if I give up control, hands up, let go? I have nothing to lose, nothing to prove. What if all the Life was already there welling up and drowning out the fear? I can feel it now—hope is rising, springing up a well in my soul. Joy unspeakable, love unshakeable…I believe it—am I living it out?”

When we feel weak, we don’t feel very “unstoppable,” but it is at those times when we are reminded to give up control, to let go and to trust our unstoppable God. At these moments of surrender God can cause a well of hope to spring up within us. Only he can drown out the fears that assail us. He causes all good things to spring up from the well in our souls. He is the one who gives us joy unspeakable and love unshakeable. We cannot experience this kind of joy and love on our own. Today—believe this and live it out! Let go and watch the spring of joy and love rise in your life because God is unstoppable!

John 7:38 “Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”

Questions: Have you ever made the decision to give up control and let go, then felt the power of God’s living water spring up in your soul giving you hope and joy? What was that like? Share your story!

Prayer Power: Lord, take control of my life. I want to let go and feel your living water springing up in me. Thank you for the hope and joy that you bring. Thank you for your unstoppable love for me. I believe; help me to live it out. Amen.

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