Summer is here. How will you answer: How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer! That pretty much describes the Heath household during the summer months– especially the crazy part! This summer you can lead your family on a summer vacation filled with healthy fresh ideas for food, fun and fellowship with this SUMMER acrostic:

S – Sleep:

Sleep allows our bodies to repair and recover from the wear and tear of everyday living. There are two age groups that need an abundance of sleep – newborns and teenagers! Yes, there is a reason your teen wants to sleep until noon; he really needs the sleep to release the growth hormone. Last summer my 14-year-old grew before my eyes! When you sleep, your body recharges. Research has shown that a lack of sleep contributes to weight gain. One study indicated that people consume 10 to 15 percent more calories when they are tired. Other consequences to sleep loss are a higher accident rate on the job and more auto accidents. In addition, “I’m too tired” is often the excuse for avoiding intimacy with our husbands and spending time with our children. In Matthew 11:29-30 Jesus said, Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls. God knows the value of rest. He even made it a commandment!

U – Umbrella:

I know it’ s not a verb, but I’ ll make it work. Protecting our families from the dangers of the sun is a top priority this summer. Use a full spectrum sunscreen and reapply often. Protecting our families, especially our children, from too much TV and video games is also a priority. The television and video games is a tempting babysitter—use parental discretion, set time limits (one hour of TV for one hour of outside activity) and check on them often.

M – Make plans to do nothing:

One thing I especially like about summer is the flexible schedule we have at the Heath house. Some mornings, Rob (my husband and super dad) will ask: “What are you going to do today” and we love to answer, “Whatever we want!” Spend some days this summer without an agenda. Busyness and over-commitment are taking a toll on the American family. When we overcommit our lives, we leave no space for joy in our lives. Be still and know that I am God… (Ps. 46:10) might be a good family memory verse for this summer.

M – Make a memory and make it now:pexels-photo-61129

Don’ t wait another year to take the wonderful long awaited family vacation. Sue Shellenbarger, a columnist for The Wall Street Journal says we are people who live in the “tomorrow trap”–people who essentially are so overcommitted that they take refuge in visions of a relaxed life somewhere down the road. Many of us say that our God and our families are important to us, but we don’t live as though they are. Be intentional with your time this summer and choose to do at least one thing that will involve all the members of your family. I know this is almost an impossible task in light of the busyness of life, but it will be well worth the effort.

E – Eat well:

Summer seasonal foods are bountiful, especially wonderful fresh fruits and veggies. Blueberries are one of the best brain foods in the world and at this time of year are relatively inexpensive. Caring for our bodies is an act of stewardship and worship that glorifies God. In Romans 12:1 Paul asked believers to present their bodies to God as ” living sacrifices” every day. A healthy body demonstrates gratitude for what God has done for us and that we are available for service to him.

R – Renew:

All the earth worships you and sings praises to you; they sing praises to your name. (Psalm 66:4 ESV) Enjoy the unspoiled natural beauty of our world. Take advantage of the opportunities to renew your mind with study and contemplation on the Word of God. Renew and refresh your relationship with the Lord and others. Experience meeting God in different ways this summer. He is everywhere, just around the bend in the road and right in the middle of the sunset.

Spend your vacation and spend it well – ENJOY!

Vicki Heath

Vicki Heath is the National Director for First Place 4 Health and author of “Don’t Quit Get Fit” and her latest book, “The Wellness Journey of a Lifetime.”  Vicki is also a Body & Soul instructor and leader.

Pictures by  Sources are Unsplash and Juan Salamanca.

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