“The Best Christmas Ever” by Newsong

What would make this year the best Christmas ever for you? Stop and think a minute, list some things in your mind, then check out this list in the song “The Best Christmas Ever” by Newsong:

“When the snow starts falling, friends come calling, you can feel the love in the air. Singing carols by the fire, presents piling higher; it’s a favorite time of the year. Let’s make this December one to remember, a feeling we can hold on to. It’s gonna be the best Christmas ever with you. You and me, and all our friends and family, singing joy to the world, love has come. Let’s light a candle, say a prayer for peace on earth everywhere. Come on, let’s get together for the best Christmas ever.”

This is a pretty good list of things that make Christmas the best ever! Some of these things may be on the list you just thought about. Many are also my favorite things about Christmas. I love Christmas gatherings, singing songs of the season, snow, and candles glowing. My favorite memories of Christmas are full of these joys, and more. One of my favorite memories from when our children were young is that we would all gather on our bed—all five of us in one big pileup, and pray together before going downstairs for present-opening. Our kids knew that no one was allowed to go down before that. It made us all stop to get our perspective on the true meaning of Christmas, and it was a special together-moment. I’m so glad we did it each year, and I’m glad prayer is one of the things listed in this song. When you are thinking about making this a Christmas to remember, consider how you are going to make prayer for peace on earth and good will to men a part of your celebration. I promise if you do, that it will be one of the most important things that makes this Christmas the best Christmas ever for you!

Luke 2:14 “Glory to God in the highest. And on earth peace, goodwill toward men.”

Questions: As December begins, ask each family member what would make this the best Christmas ever, then make sure that what they hope for happens this year. If someone wishes for something that is not possible, take time to have a conversation about that. Ask the Lord for wisdom to guide the hearts of the ones you love to be focused on him, on the joys of being together and on peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

Prayer: Dear Lord, Help me to find joy in the small, simple things that will make this Christmas the best Christmas ever. Give me your perspective. Help me to guide others to that perspective. Thank you for all the blessings you shower on me that make each Christmas the best Christmas ever.

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