Upgrade Your Status

Just the other day, my son was asking me what I had been up to lately. I told him that I had been working on a curriculum book called Balance®. I spoke of the hope and desire to present it to our women’s ministry small groups in the Fall. As I was telling him about my project, I found myself sharing that I’d been having a hard time staying focused. It was seeming to me that my special project was becoming more of a hobby these days than an actual proposed or planned undertaking. I had never really considered myself a true procrastinator, but I was finding it increasingly easy to shove this to the sidelines when other pressing matters come to the forefront of the day.

My son said, “Mom, it sounds like you need to upgrade your status!” “What?” I quipped. He said, “Yeah, you need to upgrade your current status from ‘hobby’ to ‘job’”. What a brilliant word for me that day–he was right. I needed to stop thinking about my writing Balance® as a hobby and treat it more like the real task it was intended to be.

All this had me immersed even deeper contemplating the thought, “Couldn’t we all use a fresh upgraded status?” I mean, how many times have we pushed our goals to the side for other people, things or busy schedules? How many times have you made goals and quit them before you even reached the intended outcome? Ponder how much further along in life you would be if you only would have stuck to them. Take a few minutes to ask yourself what have you been putting off that you really have wanted to accomplish? Maybe it’s that last 10-20 pounds down by summertime goal, or your goal to eat clean and healthy at every meal, or begin that new HITT class at the gym. Whatever it is, whether personal, wellness or professional goals, you are not alone when it comes to putting important matters off!

Did you know that one out of five people, researchers have found, find themselves in your same corner as a procrastinator. Well, I’d like to encourage you to choose today to give yourself that UPGRADED STATUS! Move from PROcrastinator to PRO-activator! Making this upgrade in any area of your life, becoming a Pro-activator instead of a procrastinator will get your job done and probably a job done well.

“The master said, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together! Matthew 25:23 NLT



Sara Rainey enjoys freelance writing and speaking to women about the goodness of God. Sara has served on staff as the North Central Regional Director for Body & Soul Fitness® and taught as an ACE® Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Sara spent her childhood years in rural Wisconsin for which she is truly grateful. She attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison majoring in Journalism and Communications. This is also where she met and fell head over heals in love with Jim, her husband, whom she has been married to for over 38 years.Together they have three sons, three beautiful daughter in laws and four grandchildren.

Sara holds strong beliefs regarding commitment to marriage and family and currently makes her home in Colorado. Sara loves the joy and freedom that comes from knowing Jesus Christ. She adores worship music, hiking in the mountains, snow shoeing, porch time with her hubby and precious time with her grandchildren. She loves rocks and roosters, getting lost in a good novel, hearing her sons’ laughter, a good cup of coffee, family traditions, cherished friendships, wild rivers, mountain lakes, the strength and beauty of horses and riding them, and most of all her family and her God.

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