You Are Unfinished

I have some good news to share! Did you know that God’s not done with you? Seriously, He’s not done. You are a work in progress. You are:

  • a painting the Master is still working on
  • a tapestry that is still being woven and spun
  • a house with a foundation but maybe not walls
  • a book with pages left to write
You are unfinished and that is good news!

God is in the business of working on us: His works in progress. We are not finished and for that, I rejoice!!! God is so faithful and He has promised that He will complete a good work through us (even you and even me. Philippians 1:6.) That is good news to my heart that has a tendency to wander away and quickly become discouraged. I am the prodigal who finds herself in the pigsty more often than not. So frequently I become mired in the muck and the mud and wonder, how did I get here and then I think, I can never go home. But God says, COME!!! Come back, I am not finished with you. He will remake and restore the years the locusts have stolen. (Joel 2:25.) He will redeem and restore my story and He will do the same for you. (See Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.)

I have had the strange gift of being a part of a church that was broken and beaten down and nearly destroyed. In the thick of the heartbreak, I wasn’t sure that the doors were going to stay open. I wasn’t even sure that I wanted my family to stay because it was so hard to be a part of the shame, the loss, the hurt and the confusion but we stayed in spite of the challenges. There were plenty of Sundays when I just barely talked myself into going. There were Sundays when I told myself we weren’t coming back. But God had us stay and because of that I am watching Him do something new and exciting with a body of believers that He didn’t forget or forsake. He remains faithful and true to His bride, always. God is redeeming and restoring His church for His glory, not ours, and it makes me bow low and say, How Great Thou Art.

He can redeem and restore you too. You are unfinished. You may even try to take the brush from the hand of the Master Painter. You might tear a hole in the tapestry He is weaving. You might demo the wall He built up for your safety. You may tear out pages in the book He has written but God isn’t finished with you yet. He can repair the damage. He may leave the scar (because consequences for our sins are real) but He sees you without those things in the end. He sees His Son’s blood poured out over you. He sees you dressed in a robe of Righteousness. He sees you as you were meant to be.

So lean into Him! Remember that yesterday is done and today is full of new mercies, and let Him do a new thing in and through you. You are restored. You are unfinished. You are loved. That is some really good news!

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Tracie Durham is a Cardio Strength Trainer for South Central. She is a former attorney, full-time home schooling mother of three kids (Abbie, Aubrie and Charlie), wife of a Fire Chief (Phillip) and unabashed fan-girl of “all the words” and mostly importantly…of Jesus.

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