welcome to body & soul

because fitness involves more than just your body

We care about the health of your body — and your soul.  Our goal is to encourage you to pursue both physical and spiritual fitness, wherever you are in the world.end

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Current Session

Music is a powerful motivator for fitness. We change our music and our theme on a quarterly basis. To check out our music playlist, learn about our session theme, or read our session devotional...read more

Upcoming Events

Join us for training workshops and special seminars. Be inspired and encouraged to grow both physically and spiritually as you get a chance to sample our programs at fitness events around the country.  Find out about events near youread more

Your Stories

Do you have a fitness story to tell that will inspire others to ‘get moving’? Do you have a faith story that will encourage people in their spiritual journey? We believe in personal connection, so your story is important to us! To learn how to share your story...read more
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Discover Your Program

CardioStrenghtOur traditional fitness program includes a balanced workout of cardio, strength and flexibility routines in true Body & Soul style.  Learn More »
Strength & FlexibilityStrengthen and stretch your body at a pace that is safe and effective for you.  Learn More »
Boot CampDrop and give me 20! If you like calisthenics like pushups, jumping jacks, crunches and other body weight exercises with a lot of intensity then we want you! Learn More »
Power StrengthDynamic total body strength training at its best!  Blast your body from head to toe while strengthening your core and improving your balance.  Learn More »
Basic & BeyondThis  fun, uplifting Cardio/Strength workout is for EVERY BODY!  Anybody wanting to build strength and endurance in a fun, safe, and effective way will enjoy this workout. Learn More »
dance-blastDance Blast! is a cardio & toning workout, choreographed with easy to learn dance combinations that everyone can do, whether you have a dance background or not. Learn More »