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About Us

fitness involves more than just your body

Body & Soul® is a nonprofit international fitness organization. We love exercise and we take it very seriously. We understand that developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is part of being a good steward of this “physical body” we’ve been given.  As a result, our classes and other activities, designed to help you get (and stay) in shape, are at the very core of all we do.  But we also understand that there is more to fitness than a great workout.  We are convinced that that both the body and the soul play important roles in a truly holistic approach to fitness because there is a tangible connection between the physical and spiritual dimensions of our lives.

We have been helping people stay healthy and fit since 1981 and currently offer classes all across the United States and in many foreign countries. 

Our Goal

To have a global impact on people through our fitness classes which challenge participants to reach their personal best, both physically and spiritually, no matter what their background or fitness level.

Our Purpose

Body & Soul is where faith and fitness meet.  At Body & Soul we believe fitness involves more than just your body – we care about the health of your body and your soul.  We want to encourage you to pursue both physical and spiritual fitness starting at your own level and progressing from there at a pace that works for you.

Body & Soul Fitness will:
  • Energize you with fun workouts that will leave you with the physical strength and spiritual energy you need to face the everyday challenges of life.
  • Encourage you to grow stronger physically and challenge you to consider your unique place in this world and discover God’s plan for your life.
  • Educate you on the difference that both physical and spiritual fitness plays in the health of the human life.  Physically, we will help you learn what it takes for you to work in your target heart range, increase your metabolism, work out safely and effectively, and challenge your body to see the results you are looking for. We want you to succeed!  Spiritually, we will share ideas with you, challenge you to think and search out truth, and encourage you to grow in your spiritual life.
  • Equip you with the knowledge and skills to lead a healthy and active life. All of our instructors are certified in group fitness and CPR.  We provide ongoing training courses to keep our teachers up-to-date with the latest fitness information and trends, because we care about teaching with excellence.