February 11, 2024
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kate's story

I was a young mum of two when I saw the flyer for Body & Soul® classes on our church noticeboard. I was already part of an aqua-sizes class and loved it. It was my mum who had been looking for an exercise class and persuaded me to come with her. I promised her I would come only for the first two classes until she felt more confident to go on her own. We drove up to the class venue and I got cold feet. A fitness class (“aerobics” as it was called in the 90’s) wasn’t ‘my thing’ although I did own a purple leotard. I dug that out of the closet, together with purple cycling shorts for my first Body & Soul® class. At least I looked the part!

We received a wonderful, warm welcome from the Instructors, and I immediately knew that this exercise class was different. We loved it! We laughed all the way through our first class! I went one way and mum went the other as we learnt the classic ‘grapevine’ move. After a few classes, we were soon moving in the same direction (but still laughing!) Six months later when my Instructor phoned me to ask me if I would consider training as a Body & Soul® Instructor, I laughed again! She couldn’t be serious! Did she know I wasn’t sporty at school and had never been a ‘gym junkie’? After a hesitant pause, I took a bold step of faith and auditioned as a Cardio Strength & Flexibility™ Instructor. I remember the day well - it was a live audition of 5 songs and had to be videoed and sent to America. I wore my purple leotard.

Today, 25 years later, I love instructing my Power Strength™ classes in Zimbabwe and my husband faithfully attends my classes too. I head up Body & Soul®  in Africa where we have classes in 5 different countries across the continent. My daughter is also a Body & Soul® Instructor and serves on several teams in the ministry. I am passionate about seeing women’s lives changed and enriched through our classes – some are on a weight loss and fitness journey, some are on a journey of personal growth and others consider our classes as family, where sweet new friendship bonds are formed while they learn to ‘grapevine’ and move in the same direction together.

by Kate Lawton
Zimbabwe, Africa


Bea Sprouse

Kate is a born and bred Zimbabwean. Africa is her heart and home. She is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and has taught Body & Soul® classes for almost 25 years. She is passionate about helping others be the best they can be. Her husband, Mike, attends her classes, their daughter Amy is a Body & Soul® Instructor, and their sons occasionally take part in Kate’s classes. Kate is zealous about connecting every country in Africa with Body & Soul® classes. She has several interests but her latest passion is her first grandson, Brodie.