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October 9, 2021
Hope in Changing Seasons

The heat of summer is finally replaced with cool and crisp fall days.  The dead appearance of late fall is transformed by freshly falling first snows that cover dead branches and sparkle in the sunshine.  The long, drawn-out barrenness of winter gives way to new life bursting forth in spring.  And summer once again ushers in a reprieve from regular work schedules, inviting spontaneity, rest, relaxation, and new adventure!

September 26, 2021
Set an Alarm

As my day gets going, I stay pretty busy with tasks and what’s next on the schedule. I use my alarm to remind me of appointments and my to-do’s, but I realized that I can also let my alarm be a reminder to focus on praise and worshipping God. I started noticing Scriptures that talk about praising God multiple times a day...

September 18, 2021

Recently I was at a very clear fork in the road with my health. I had been experiencing a variety of debilitating symptoms including headaches, nausea, and intermittent energy drops that left me feeling like I was one of those blow-up lawn ornaments at Christmas time that just got it’s plug pulled. My doctor suggested an option for treatment and I had to decide whether to do it, not having any idea if it would really help. I was not in control of the outcome, I just had to make the decision.

August 24, 2021
Master Memorization

...It was then that Young Life came to town and a cute young couple, Eddie and Eva Evans, infused Gadsden High School with enthusiasm for the Lord. They lovingly and strategically invited students to gather to learn more about God’s Word and to worship Him. I was invited to my very first ‘discipleship group’ of about four girls plus Eva... 

August 10, 2021
Beautiful Feet

The family unit is being shattered in so many ways in our world today. It grieves my heart but it also powers me up to do something about it, starting at home. I am determined to be proactive to inspire my family to grow stronger spiritually. Will you join me in this quest? I have been looking for resources to help with creative ways to focus on learning spiritual truths, and I am intentionally planning to create a family learning time this summer using the resources I have discovered. I hope and pray that we will all grow stronger spiritually this summer...

July 31, 2021
Beautiful Feet
I was in my thirties before I understood the true meaning of Christian HOPE. When I was a child, hope was a wishful thing; if everything fell into the correct order, maybe it would come to pass. I hoped for certain gifts at birthdays and Christmas but I knew that just because I hoped for it did not mean that anyone would deliver. Hope was wishy-washy and uncertain.

July 22, 2021
Beautiful Feet

I’ve always known that sitting by someone on a plane could be a divine appointment to talk about spiritual things. Recently, this happened to me on my flight to Indianapolis.  

A young man sat down in my row and we immediately started talking. He was very friendly, so we had a nice conversation...

July 17, 2021
Me-Time with God

My gazing time has become me-time, but not alone time. It is truly a “date with God”— a time to look at his beautiful creation and stand in awe. Just yesterday I was walking on the beach near our home, listening to the song “Greatness of our God” by the Newsboys.  The words say: “….I stand in awe and wonder” and I felt it. After the song finished, I turned it off and stood still, gazing in silence out over the waves, just being with God in the moment, breathing...

July 10, 2021
Summertime Prayer Focus

Summertime. It’s here! Schools are closed and my schedule opens up. As summer begins, my first thought was that I wanted to take my time reading God’s word and talk with him in prayer about all the things I‘ve been meaning to discuss with him over the past year!

But life happens...

July 3, 2021
True Freedom

I love the word Freedom! I’m so thankful to live in a country that is free and celebrates freedom. But true freedom goes deeper than patriotism and nationality. The thought of being FREE and LIBERATED because of Jesus’ death and resurrection takes freedom to a whole different level.