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Body & Soul® Fitness is a place where you don’t have to worry about anything but you. You are here to get stronger, to get fit, and maybe even find community and connection. Whether you are part of our online community or live classes, your experience with us should bring the same results – fitness • fun • faith.

Our certified and professionally trained instructors will help you work at your own pace. Whether you are a beginner, a hard-core athlete or somewhere in between, we have a program for you! We have 6 different types of class formats to choose from, so there’s something for everyone. And, if we don’t have your favorite program at a location near you, contact us and we will work together to get a class started!


Power Strength™

Get Strong And Stay Strong
Power Strength™ focuses on building physical strength, muscular endurance, and muscle tone, utilizing free weights of two different sizes so that muscles can be worked to maximum potential in a safe environment.


GOLD™ Gets You Moving
If you are pregnant, have weight challenges, injuries, or other medical conditions, GOLD is the class for you. This safe and effective workout uses fusion balls, exercise bands, and offers modifications in a caring environment.

Cardio Strength & Flexibility™

Get It Done In One
This all-in-one workout burns calories through cardiovascular exercise and resistance training, builds core and overall physical strength and endurance, improves flexibility and balance, and increases your energy level. Cardio Strength & Flexibility™ exercise routines are choreographed to contemporary Christian music, filled with uplifting, positive messages.

Dance Blast™

Do You Love To Dance?
Dance Blast™ requires no dance experience to enjoy the workout as you develop core strength and cardio fitness. Dance, laugh and let yourself go while you burn the calories away, and maybe learn a few moves too.


FIT360™ is our non-choreographed programs that challenges your personal physical limits with varied workouts in every class, developing and increasing your cardiovascular fitness level, muscular strength and overall physical endurance.

LONGEVITY FIT360™ is tailored toward students 65+ years young and focuses on 5 primary functional fitness components: cardio, strength training, balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Strength & Flexibility

A Cardio-Free Workout
STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY focuses on core strength using the best Pilates methods, and balances it with strength training using handheld weights or elastic resistance. This is a great choice for the in-between cardio days.

Resources for Students

Our faith sets us apart from many other fitness programs as we use intentional contemporary Christian music to encourage and inspire spiritual growth in addition to the physical growth developed through our workouts. Not only do our classes exemplify this as we spend time in prayer and in Scripture with one another, we also offer at home resources to advance your spiritual growth with uplifting devotionals. 

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