July 17, 2021
Me-Time with God


What do you do when you have a little me-time?  I have found that one of my favorite things to do when I have a few moments to myself, is to find a quiet place to sit or stand and gaze upon God’s beautiful creation.  Yes, gaze. I need gazing time and I need beauty. I need time to think, and that always leads to prayer and it brings back to me verses I have been reading recently and phrases from music that I have been listening to. Ah, it makes me take a deep breath and smile just thinking about it. And what am I describing anyway?  Quiet time with God. Time to breathe and time to gaze. Time to just be—and have some me-time with God. 

My gazing time has become me-time, but not alone time. It is truly a “date with God”— a time to look at his beautiful creation and stand in awe. Just yesterday I was walking on the beach near our home, listening to the song “Greatness of our God” by the Newsboys.  The words say: “….I stand in awe and wonder” and I felt it. After the song finished, I turned it off and stood still, gazing in silence out over the waves, just being with God in the moment, breathing. It was a me-and-God moment and I cherished it.  And as I gazed, my mind wandered to the word “always.” God is always with me. He is with me on my beach- walking days and he is with me on rainy days when my gazing eyes rest on the drops rolling down the window. “…Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:20 (NIV)

Having this kind of quiet time with God has become an “always” thing for me—something that I do not have to plan for, something that happens continually as part of my life. My heart craves it. And God always shows up. Always. 

Think about your life. Is me-time with God a chore, something that you have to plan for? Can you be more intentional to make it an “always” habit to grab those special moments as part of your day,  so that someday soon you won’t even think about it—me-time with God will just happen.  That’s a worthy pursuit.  Start with one moment of gazing. Don’t time yourself. Don’t “prepare” for it—but when you notice a moment is happening—do it! Gaze and breathe, just breathe. Your “always” is beginning.

I am praying for you as you meditate on the greatness of your God in sweet moments of me-time with him this summer. 

Jeannie Blocher, Virginia Beach, VA

Jeannie BlocherJeannie and her husband Roy Blocher founded Body & Soul® in 1981 and she currently serves as the Director of Spiritual Impact, leading a dedicated team of Instructors in creatingl spiritual resources for the ministry. Jeannie loves spending time with family, which now includes 9 grandchildren, spread over three states. She loves encouraging both family and Body & Soul® friends to grow in faith & fitness!