March 29, 2024

"No equipment necessary" strength training routine

Do you want to get strong? Are you looking for a super simple strength training workout? Here’s a “no equipment necessary” routine you can take with you anywhere!

  1. Lower body exercise #1: STEP UPS – alternate stepping up to the first step and returning to your starting position on the floor. 1 minute.
    *15-second rest

  2. Upper body/Core exercise #1: SIDE PLANKS – using a full or modified position, hold a side plank on your right side for 30 seconds and then your left side for 30 seconds.
    *15-second rest

  3. Lower body exercise #2: STEP BACK LUNGES – alternate stepping back into a lunge and returning to your starting position. 1 minute.
    *15-second rest

  4. Upper body/Core exercise #2: PUSHUPS – using a full or modified position, or a countertop or wall, complete as many quality pushups as possible in 1 minute.
    *15-second rest

  5. Lower body exercise #3: STEP-SIDE SQUATS – alternate stepping out to the side, lowering into a squat, and returning to your upright starting position with your feet close together. 1 minute.
    *15-second rest

  6. Upper body/Core exercise #3: PILATES HUNDRED – begin lying on your back, curl into an abdominal crunch and hold; then press both arms straight down toward the floor as if you are pressing a lever down with force. 1 minute, taking breaks as necessary to reset.
    *15-second rest

Run through this routine 3 times for a 22-minute strength training workout. For more strength training workouts, join the Body & Soul® Fitness community at or sign up for your FitTV™ 30-day free trial at

by Amy Stafford
Panama City Beach, FL

Amy StaffordAmy Stafford is the President of Body & Soul® Fitness, Certified Personal Trainer, ACE faculty and ACE Group Fitness Instructor. She is a leader in the fitness industry and is a popular speaker for women's events, retreats, fitness conferences. For information on booking Amy for your event or for an interview please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Amy currently resides in the Panama City Beach, FL area and teaches virtually.