Carol Zarndt-Salvador

Exercise has been a huge part of my adult life. I have enjoyed working as a personal trainer as well as teaching group exercise classes for many years. When not instructing, it was important for me to stay fit by running, hiking, strength training, and participating in a variety of group ex classes.  I firmly believe that one's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness are intertwined and determine one's overall health.  When one of these is out of whack - the others suffer as well. My goal is to provide an atmosphere where all are welcome, where safe and healthy life-time habits are formed while having tons of fun and experiencing God's love and grace.  Fun facts about me: I have traveled to Thailand on missions (three times!), I love to hang out with my three adult children, I am a diehard Cheese Head (Go Green Bay!), and I ran my first (and only) half marathon at the age of 59.
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