Melissa Arcona

Ever since I was a child, I learned to music. When I had to do training for my eye sight, it was to a rhythm, when I needed to memorize something I put it into a song. As a Believer I found it so hard to go to exercise classes because the music was never to my liking. Then I found Body and Soul when my kids were small. I was able to achieve my health goals and Loved the Music! So with Body and Soul, my passion for musical learning combined in fitness is a way I worship God with my whole body. I am a worshipper through and through and often get lost in the words to the music. As a Homeschooling mom, nutrition coach, small business owner and Worship leader, I don’t often have time to learn routines outside of class, but I enjoy being the Emergency Sub for my local class and showing the Low Impact options for those that need to limit heavy impact on their joints. Fitness and proper nutrition are a dynamic duo, add Christ-centered music to that and you have the trinity of health! 
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