January 21, 2024

A heart of Gratitude


My son-in-law started a podcast called, “The Art of Remembering.” In episode 2, he interviews his sister, Kaitlyn Caffrey, who is a youth leader and an inspirational bible teacher. When asked about remembering what God has done for her and being grateful about the biblical story, she replies: “When I don’t remember the right story, I will live out the wrong one.” A corollary is that if we don’t remember the right story, we will live a life without gratitude.  

Lately, I’ve been humbled by the trials experienced by friends and family. I can only imagine what they face right now, from worsening physical and mental health, cancer, and deaths in the family. Despite these challenging circumstances though, I am truly inspired by the grateful hearts they demonstrate. They write about how God is good and how faithful He is to provide what is best for them. A few tips that I’ve learned from them: 

  1. Intentionally celebrate the little things: a new skill learned by your child, a non-milestone birthday, walking after a traumatic injury, sitting in the presence of a loved one for a precious, unique moment - PRAY: Lord, I am grateful for the people you’ve put in my life. 
  1. Take every opportunity to share about God’s goodness during trials - PRAY: Lord, I am grateful for these spiritual windows of opportunity to share about what you’ve done for me. 
  1. Focus on an eternal perspective – one day every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father (see Philippians 2:5-11). PRAY: Lord, I am grateful for your sacrificial gift of salvation that you freely give to everyone who calls on your name. 


Therefore, be 
Inspired to tell others and 
Thank Him, 
Understanding that 
Dying to self and accepting His gift is 
Eternally living.  


 Will you determine to focus on the right story and develop a heart of gratitude? 

  • by Dr. Liz Berbano



    Liz joined Body & Soul® Fitness when she transitioned out of the army 15 years ago. The exercise of mind, body, and spirit as well as words to the songs help her continue to grow and passionately serve him as Assistant Regional Director in northern VA, mentored by beautiful leaders in the Body & Soul® family. Liz teaches Body & Soul® in Annandale, VA.