April 3, 2022

The Anticipation Spring Instagram PostCreator God shows his creativity every day in every season, but spring is the one that shines and is an example of his great love for us, his favorite creation! He reveals his presence here on this earth and in our lives through his creation. After the drab, dark, dead days of winter, the joy that comes from knowing the God who made all this and us, “bursts forth like a bridegroom” and “rejoices like a great athlete”!

What makes your heart “burst forth” with JOY during the springtime? What is your favorite springtime activity that gives you “bursting forth” JOY?

Dear Father, Thank you for making this world for us and showing your character and righteousness through your handiwork! Thank you for the Joy we can have every day because of your presence and your Great love for us, your treasured creation! Thank you for the change of seasons and, especially, the newness of spring after the deadness of winter. We rejoice in it! We love you, our great God of wonders! Amen.


Rita Rabideau, Edison, NJ

2044 IMG 6858 2Rita Rabideau has been teaching cardio strength for 15 years and is the Area Director for NJ/PA/NY. She is a busy wife and mother to 3 adult children and 1 daughter-in-law. Rita loves teaching fitness classes and doing various ministries with her husband of 35 years. She also enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with friends.