July 22, 2021
Beautiful Feet

Do you think your feet are beautiful?  God says in Romans 10:15 that if you bring the Good News to anyone then you have beautiful feet!  Let's use this summer to stay strong spiritually by stepping out in faith and sharing the Good News with others. 

A few months ago some friends and I studied the book “The One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven” by Mark Cahill. It was so life changing for all of us! I have been part of CRU for over 35 years, so it wasn’t completely new information, but the way he presented it was so fantastic and motivating. I’ve always known that sitting by someone on a plane could be a divine appointment to talk about spiritual things. Recently, this happened to me on my flight to Indianapolis.  

A young man sat down in my row and we immediately started talking. He was very friendly, so we had a nice conversation. I felt the reminder of the Holy Spirit to bring up the gospel, although I was a little nervous. I grabbed a tract out of my bag, and used one of Mark Cahill’s suggested questions. As I handed him the tract, I asked him if he had seen one of these. He said no, but took it and said he would read it right then. When he finished he had a lot of questions. We talked the rest of the flight, and my husband who was next to me joined in the conversation. I gave the young man a few websites to look up and we said we would be praying for him. His name is Charlie. I hope he gives his life to the Lord someday and that I see him in heaven - how joyful that will be!  

After landing, as we walked through the airport, another man caught up with us and told us he appreciated hearing the gospel and told us we did a good job. I was so surprised. I said, “Where were you sitting?” He said, “Right behind you, and I heard everything you said!” Oh my!  I wasn’t even thinking that others could hear! This young man from China became a believer as a freshman in college when someone shared the gospel with him. We stood and talked awhile and it was nice to meet him. He totally encouraged me! In our book study, Mark Cahill emphasized that we need to see every person as someone who will die one day and either be headed for heaven or a Christless eternity. There are no exceptions. What a privilege if we get to share the truth of the gospel and guide them in their spiritual journey!

I know it’s often scary to bring up spiritual things, but Mark’s book armed me with perspective and so many great questions to ask. I continue to grow in this area, and I encourage you to join me. Use your beautiful feet this summer to proclaim the gospel and grow stronger spiritually!

Lee Ann Postma, College Station, TX


Lee Ann PostmaLee Ann Postma first did a Body & Soul® workout at CRU staff training in 1985 and knew right away that she would wanted to become an instructor as well! She has been teaching ever since, many times while pregnant, but always shortly afterwards, with the exception of a 10 year break after she had her 7th child and her husband was getting deployed several times. But she was so glad to be able to start again & see all the changes & additions of class options! Lee Ann lives and teaches Body & Soul® classes in College Station, Texas. She loves being a member of the Body & Soul® Spiritual Impact Team.